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A 2 minute video project, a story based on how George Lopez met Prince (American musician). It was done in August 2019; on the images we see the characters and how they were built in order to be animated.

The Legend Of The Christmas Buffalo

This is a 22 pages Christmas poem, where again, I was in charge of the character design, backgrounds, layout, and art direction in general.

Time Soldiers 

WORK IN PROGRESS - I was hired to design 16 characters and to make a 5 minute animation. I am still in process of creating the characters, where each character is created as a puppet/rig and not as an illustration, so they re ready to animate when the time comes.

La Mala Senda

Fabric Fireproof Covers

WORK IN PROGRESS - music clip for a chilean rock band, the song is 4 min. but I will be covering only half of that with animation.

Fabric fireproof covers that are used to cover entire houses.

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