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I love to be involved in the process of creation!

Movies, TV Shows, Kids songs and nursery rhymes shows





This project is a 90 minute animated musical.

Written by Joseph Levinson.

Pilot Episode for this animated series.

Written by Jordan & Elliott Kaufman.

Ziggy Surpresa

Ziggy Surpresa is a Youtube Brazilian show for kids, a cute ET looks for things to discover in the universe while singing.

This is a personal work in partnership with the great Brazilian musician Daniel Lima.

The show is also available in English and Spanish as well!

Sewer Dudes

The Sonix

Being a HUGE fan of superheores, I had to come up with my own!!!

The Sewer Dudes are 3 "silly" superheroes which they think they have powers just for using underpants, again... soon in English!.

The Sonix (Los Sonicos in Spanish) is a work in progress, here I am mixing superheroes with my other passion... and that is music!; 3 teenagers that are very popular for being in a rock band are also in charge to protect the town where they live in using their super powers!

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