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Final film



This incredible story happened in a Galaxy far far away in a parallel universe.

The planet named NSC-C918 is controlled by an evil king, who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures… and every facet of life.

One day an alien-person discovered a “thing” (a piece of chewing gum) in a cave who was left in that planet (NSC-C918) by an Earthling traveler.

He figured how to use the “thing” so he started to chew it, and after trying this “flavoured treasure” he wants to show the king what he has found; the king examined the “Thing”, put it in his mouth, started to chew it and after noticing that the “thing” didn’t come from their own planet and that it was probably sent there by some demons he sentences him to death.

Location & location Backgrounds



Animatic - what I have so far & other

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